Terms of Use

Last updated in April,2022

Version update tips:

Thank you for using the COATINGCAT platform! COATINGCAT (hereinafter referred to as “we”) has updated some parts of the Terms of Use in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and technical specifications, mainly including: adding the authorization requirements for enterprise certified registered members (2(2) of I); adding the compliance requirements and related legal responsibilities for users to publish content on the platform (1 of II); and refining platform usage rules and listing prohibited usage behaviors (1(3)-(7), 1.(10)-(11) of VI); adding the content related to email push advertising (2(1) of VI); adding and refining the product procurement process, legal responsibility allocation and order cancellation scenarios (IX); adding and refining the default scenarios and the legal responsibility allocation under the corresponding scenarios (10(1), 10(3)-(6) of X); adding a platform disclaimer for users who do not adequately keep their user names, passwords and management authority (5 of XI) and a platform disclaimer for "perfect security measures" that cannot be guaranteed based on existing technology (6 of XI).

To use the COATINGCAT platform in compliance, we recommend you to read the updated Terms of Use carefully, especially the updated terms and conditions and the black bolded terms and conditions.

Welcome to the COATINGCAT platform!

You should carefully read these Terms of Use for Members (the “Terms of Use”) and the COATINGCAT platform Privacy Policy before using the COATINGCAT platform (“the COATINGCAT platform”) and its related services (“Services”). You agree that any use of the COATINGCAT platform and your conduct on the COATINGCAT platform is governed by these Terms of Use. In addition, you shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age to use the services provided by the CoatingCat platform.

If you have any questions or doubts about these Terms of Use, please contact us at: contact@coatingcat.com.

Please note that by accessing and using the services of the COATINGCAT platform, you agree to accept all of the terms and conditions in these Terms of Use. Therefore, please carefully read these Terms of Use and any additional agreements or terms and conditions contained herein and understand them fully, especially the parts that we specifically bolded or the terms that exempt or limit liability. Suppose you do not agree with all or part of the above Terms of Use. In that case, you are advised to immediately stop registering as a member of the platform (if you have already registered, please immediately cancel your platform member account) and immediately stop using the COATINGCAT platform. If you continue to register and/or continue to use the services of the COATINGCAT platform, you are deemed to agree to all of these Terms of Use.

The content of these Terms of Use also includes the relevant agreements and business rules that have been released or may be continuously released or updated by the COATINGCAT platform. Once the above contents are officially released, they are an integral part of these Terms of Use.

I. COATINGCAT platform

1. The COATINGCAT platform is an innovative, China-focused professional coating solution platform that provides professional online and offline solutions and services for coating manufacturers. The website involved in the COATINGCAT platform only refers to the website containing the domain name coatingcat.com.

2. COATINGCATMember Definition

(1) Registered members without corporate certificate: Users who have registered their accounts but not their corporate information can view the content provided by the website and conduct online consultations but cannot place orders on behalf of the company.

(2) Registered members with corporate certification: Users with registered accounts and corporate certificate can place orders for samples and products on behalf of the enterprise, in addition to viewing the content provided by the website and conducting online consultation. The enterprise will automatically become the buyer subject (also known as the “buyer”). Suppose you apply for enterprise certification on behalf of an enterprise. In that case, you hereby confirm that the enterprise fully authorizes you to register and use the services on behalf of the enterprise and agree to this agreement. You may designate and replace the Enterprise Administrator according to the actual situation.

(3) Coating raw materials and technology suppliers (i.e., “resident suppliers”): Coating raw materials manufacturers who open stores on the COATINGCAT platform and display coating-related products (including samples and products) and technology information, and provide online technical consultation and participate in offline technical cooperation.

(4) Other members: companies providing services to the coating industry, such aslogistics service providers, media service providers, third-party R&D testing organizations, distributors of coating raw materials and technology-related products, etc.

(1)-(4) collectively referred to as “users”.

3. The services provided by the platform are user account information management, coating raw material product information and solution information display, online technical consultation, coating raw material sample request, coating raw material commodity transaction matching and processing, order inquiry and management, etc. The specific content is subject to the effective service content of the COATINGCAT platform at that time.

4. Although the platform services provided by the COATINGCAT platform are currently free of charge, in consideration of the substantial costs incurred by the COATINGCAT platform to deliver the services, the COATINGCAT platform may charge reasonable fees in the form of membership fees, single note mention service fees and other forms in the future according to the business plan and business needs. At that time, the charging standard announced by the COATINGCAT platform and/or a separate agreed agreement between the two parties shall prevail.

II. Intellectual Property Statement

1. The user undertakes that the user is responsible for all contents submitted or published, and such contents shall not infringe or violate any other party’s rights or any law. Suppose the content provided or generated by the user in the use of the platform services violates third parties’ legal rights and interests. In that case, the user shall independently bear all legal responsibilities in its name and shall ensure that the COATINGCAT platform is free from any losses or increased costs arising therefrom.

2. The “ COATINGCATand related graphics and logos used or displayed on this platform are trademarks protected by law. No person may use any trademark, graphic, or logo used or displayed on the CoatingCat platform without our prior written consent.

3. The intellectual property rights of the content provided by the COATINGCAT platform in the platform Services belong to the COATINGCAT platform and/or its licensors. Without authorization, no one is allowed to use any materials of the COATINGCAT platform, including but not limited to copying, imitating, using, displaying, mirroring, disseminating, modifying, or renting all and/or part of the materials of this platform.

4. If the content provided by the COATINGCAT platform is marked with the word “confidential”, the user shall keep it confidential and shall not disclose it to a third party in any way without our prior written consent; if additional confidentiality requirements or statements are attached, the user shall also strictly comply with the obligations outlined in such confidentiality requirements or statements.

5. The ownership of the usage data formed in using the COATINGCAT platform belongs to the COATINGCAT platform. Without the written permission of the COATINGCAT platform, the user undertakes not to copy, imitate, disseminate, publish or display in any form.

6. If there is any violation of the provisions of this article, we will pursue legal responsibility according to the law.

III. Limitation of Liability

1. The detailed information provided by the paint cat platform is compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief, with a professional and diligent attitude, using internal and external resources. We endeavor to expand and update the information on an ongoing basis. The information on the COATINGCAT platform is purely to present the COATINGCAT platform and its products and services. We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, or possible use of the information on the COATINGCAT platform, and we assume no liability for any errors or omissions in the content of the COATINGCAT platform. In particular, please note that the information you learn on the COATINGCAT platform may not be the most up-to-date information. Therefore, you are advised to check any information on the COATINGCAT platform before using it.

2. The accuracy of the products, formulas, technologies, and transactions (including prices and inventory) provided by the resident suppliers themselves is the sole responsibility of each supplier.
Despite the advice provided by the platform, you will need to consult the latest information on the product, particularly information such as safety data sheets and technical specifications, to see if they are suitable for the appropriate use and purpose. If you require any information or clarification about the products or services of the resident suppliers, please contact them directly.

IV. Third-Party Websites/Links

The COATINGCAT platform contains links/references to third-party websites. Providing links to these third-party websites does not indicate our agreement with their content, nor do we assume any responsibility for the availability of these websites or their content or damages resulting from such content. When you leave the COATINGCAT platform to access any third-party website, you should be aware of and comply with the third-party website’s terms of use and privacy policy. We provide links to other websites only as a convenience to you and do so at your own risk.

V. Content Requirements

1. You are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of the information you send us and ensuring that you do not infringe any third-party rights to which such information may relate. And you are entirely liable for any infringement.

2. When you log in and use your account on the COATINGCAT platform and post content on the COATINGCAT platform, you shall comply with the seven bottom lines of China's laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public social order, moral and ethical morality and authenticity of the information. You shall not post the following illegal and undesirable information in the COATINGCAT platform.

·Violating the Constitution or the provisions of rules and regulations;
·Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, and damaging national unity;
·Violating the Constitution or provisions of laws and regulations;
·Endangering state security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, or undermining national unity;
·Harming the honor and interests of the state or the public interest;
·Inciting ethnic hatred or discrimination or undermining ethnic unity;
·Sabotaging the state's religious policies and propagating heresies and feudal superstitions;
·Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and undermining social stability;
· Distributing obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting a crime;
·Insulting or slandering others or infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others; or
·Contain other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

3. Although we monitor or review discussions, chats, posts, reprints, bulletin boards, and similar content on the COATINGCAT platform at all times, we assume no responsibility or liability for errors, defamation, insults, negligence, fallacies, obscenity, pornography, profanity, danger, privacy disclosures or inaccuracies contained in any information in any location on the COATINGCAT platform. If necessary, we will fully cooperate with any judicial or law enforcement agencies and disclose the identity of any individual posting such information or content upon their mandatory request.

VI. Use and Management Rules

1. The Use of the COATINGCAT platform

·You must register and fill in the registration information to obtain an account and password for the COATINGCAT platform before using the COATINGCAT platform and services. You confirm that you shall have absolute civil rights and civil conduct capacity when you complete the registration process or use the relevant products or services of the COATINGCAT platform in other ways allowed by the COATINGCAT platform. If you do not have the aforementioned basic subject qualifications, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences caused by your improper registration behavior.

·When you register your account on the COATINGCAT platform and use the services of the COATINGCAT platform, you promise to abide by the seven bottom lines of laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, citizens' legitimate rights and interests, social public order and morality and the information authenticity and not to violate the Terms of Use and related rules, including but not limited to: not post information prohibited by laws and regulations, not publish information that is suspected of infringing the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others, not post information that violates public social interests or public morals, public order and good customs, and not publish other suspected violations of law, transaction rules or violations of this terms of use and information on various regulations. Suppose you violate the foregoing commitments and have any legal consequences. In that case, you shall independently assume all legal responsibilities in your name and ensure that the COATINGCAT platform is free from any losses.

·You undertake not to exploit any data or information on the COATINGCAT platform commercially, including but not limited to using it in any way such as copying, distributing, or licensing it, disclosing it to any third party for use, or facilitating the use of any third party without the prior written consent of the COATINGCAT platform. Such liability shall extend to three years after the termination of your service relationship with the COATINGCAT platform.

·You shall not use any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the regular operation of the COATINGCAT platform or any activity being conducted on the COATINGCAT platform. You shall not take any action that would result in an unreasonably large data load on the COATINGCAT platform network equipment.

·You shall not engage in acts that endanger the security of the computer network, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized server accounts; accessing public computer networks or other people’s computer systems, and deleting, modifying, or adding stored information without permission; attempting to probe, scan or test the weaknesses of the platform's system or network or otherwise committing acts that undermine network security without permission; attempting to interfere with or destroy the regular operation of the system.

·You fully understand and agree that the COATINGCAT platform is a commercial chemical service platform, only for enterprise users with chemical trading qualifications. You should be an entity legal person or other organizations with legal chemical production, trade, processing, operation, or transportation qualification. Moreover, your inquiry and purchase behavior should be based on the trade demand. There should not be any malicious inquiry and purchase for products and/or services, malicious rights defense, and other behaviors that disturb the regular trading order of the COATINGCAT platform, the regular trading order of the chemical market, or even violate the laws and regulations.

·You shall not lend/rent your account to others. Otherwise, you shall bear all responsibilities arising therefrom and be jointly and severally liable with the actual user. Once discovered, the COATINGCAT platform has the right to take appropriate measures according to the provisions of paragraph (9) of this article.

·By successfully registering for an account on the COATINGCAT platform, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and consideration of the importance and sensitivity of the products and services available on COATINGCAT, you agree to:

◦ Provide timely, detailed, and accurate account registration information;
◦ Continuously update registration information to meet the punctual, clear, and precise requirements;
◦ Any information provided by you, such as email or cell phone number, is wrong, not updated in time, or for other reasons that cannot be attributed to the COATINGCAT platform, resulting in you not receiving the relevant rules, notices, reminders, and additional information, shall not affect the legal effect of such information on you. You shall be bound by it, and all consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you;
◦ Suppose you use false information to defraud account registration or account avatar, personal profile, and other registration materials that contain illegal and harmful information. In that case, we have the right to take measures such as notice to correct within a time limit, suspension of use, and cancellation of registration. We have the right to cancel the account and report to the government authority for those who use the registered account name of an affiliated organization or social celebrity and the right to manage the security of your account, including but not limited to taking measures to restrict, freeze, and cancel user accounts.

·For the following cases (including but not limited to), the COATINGCAT platform has the right to impose penalties on the offending account at any time without notice, including but not limited to warning, restricting, or prohibiting the use of some or all functions, account seizure or cancellation according to the specific circumstances:

◦ Violating laws and regulations or this agreement;
◦ Sharing their user accounts with others or assisting others in crawling the content of websites on the COATINGCAT platform using crawlers, spiders, etc.;
◦ Affecting the service experience;
◦ The presence of safety hazards;
◦ Violating the operating principles of the platform or other management requirements of the platform.

·You must use the products obtained through the COATINGCAT platform in accordance with the prescribed use and usage restrictions. Suppose you purchase/request hazardous chemicals (conventional hazardous chemicals) for experimental purposes. In that case, they shall not be used for human experiments and shall not be used to endanger the personal health of others and the ecological environment. Otherwise, the user shall bear the legal responsibility.

·When you use the services provided by the COATINGCAT platform, you shall comply with the confidentiality obligation in accordance with the service provider’s requirements and sign the confidentiality agreement provided by the service provider. If you violate the confidentiality commitment, you shall bear the relevant legal responsibility.

2. Commercial Advertising Distribution

(1) You agree that the COATINGCAT platform will send you relevant product and service information by email, and if you refuse to receive such information, you may unsubscribe from the email.

(2) The COATINGCAT platform shall perform the relevant obligations to the advertisers in accordance with the law. You shall judge the authenticity of the advertising information by yourself and be responsible for your judgment. Except as expressly provided by law, the COATINGCAT platform shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you due to the transactions conducted based on the advertising information or the content provided by the aforementioned advertisers.

VII. Personal data and privacy protection

Please refer to the COATINGCAT platform Privacy Policy for the personal information you provide and privacy protection.

VIII. Use and Disclosure of User Information

1. You agree that the COATINGCAT platform may use personal information about you (including but not limited to the information in the file about you held by the COATINGCAT platform about you and other information obtained by the COATINGCAT platform from your current and previous activities on the COATINGCATplatform) to resolve disputes, mediate disputes, ensure that you conduct secure transactions on the COATINGCAT platform, and enforce the terms of use of the platform and other rules of the platform. The COATINGCAT platform may sometimes investigate multiple users to identify problems or resolve disputes. In particular, the COATINGCAT platform may review a user's profile to distinguish between users who use multiple user names or aliases. To limit fraudulent, illegal, or other criminal activities on the website and protect the COATINGCAT platform from them, you agree that the COATINGCAT platform may evaluate your data through manual or automated processes.

2. You agree that COATINGCAT may use your information to improve the promotion and marketing efforts of COATINGCAT, analyze the usage of the website, improve the form of content and service promotion of COATINGCAT, and make the content, design, and service of the website of COATINGCAT better meet your requirements. These uses can improve the COATINGCAT website to tailor the COATINGCAT website to meet your needs better to have a smoother, more efficient, secure, and customized transaction experience when using the COATINGCAT services.

3. The COATINGCAT platform will protect, use or disclose the personal information provided by users, collected by itself, and certified in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, the Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information of Users of Telecommunications and Internet Services, and relevant laws and regulations, this agreement and other rules of the platform. The COATINGCAT platform will adopt industry standard practices to protect your personal information. Still, the COATINGCAT platform cannot ensure that your personal information will not be leaked or stolen through means not specified in this agreement due to technical limitations.

4. The COATINGCAT platform must provide your personal information to the judicial authorities, government departments, and other authorized authorities in accordance with relevant laws. If you fail to fulfill your obligations in accordance with this agreement and the business rules or with the relevant agreement signed between the COATINGCAT platform and you, the COATINGCAT platform has the right to disclose your data according to its judgment, the applicable agreement, and other rules of the platform, the national ruling instrument in force or the reasonable request of other users related to the transaction (including but not limited to on the COATINGCAT platform and other Internet networks) The COATINGCAT platform shall not be liable for any disclosure of your data (including but not limited to the disclosure of your illegal or non-compliant behavior on the COATINGCAT platform and other Internet networks, and the inclusion of such content in any credit information, file or database related to you).

5. After this agreement comes into effect, you may authorize the COATINGCAT platform to provide websites or other data sources for data crawling and uploading; the store and product information (including but not limited to store name, company name, contact person and contact information, product descriptions and instructions, relevant pictures and videos, etc.) on the COATINGCAT platform shall be provided and uploaded by you or authorized to be crawled and uploaded by the COATINGCAT platform on your behalf. You guarantee the data source’s timeliness, accuracy, and validity, and you will bear the legal responsibility for all the uploaded information. The content is to pass on more information, which does not imply that the COATINGCAT platform agrees with its views or has confirmed the authenticity of its content.

6. Suppose the system of the COATINGCAT platform crashes or fails to work correctly due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the COATINGCAT platform, thus resulting in the inability to complete the transaction or loss of relevant information or records. In that case, the COATINGCATt platform will not be responsible. The COATINGCAT platform will assist in dealing with the aftermath as reasonably as possible and endeavor to protect you from or reduce your financial loss.

IX. Product Procurement

The term “product purchase” in this section includes free or paid sample purchases and official product purchases.

1. You should carefully confirm that you are entitled to purchase the related products before purchasing a particular product. The COATINGCATplatform has the right but not the obligation to examine your qualification for buying the relevant products.

2. You acknowledge and agree that when you successfully submit a product purchase order (the order shall contain information such as the number of products to be purchased, consignee, contact information, and delivery address), you shall be deemed to have made an offer to the resident supplier to purchase the products. Suppose the resident supplier confirms the order’s validity by the COATINGCAT platform or email or confirms that the products have been sent out or delivered to your specified address. In that case, it constitutes the resident supplier's commitment to the product order.

3. When purchasing products, you should carefully confirm the name, quantity, model number, specifications, size, restrictive requirements, and other essential items of the products you are purchasing and verify the contact address, telephone number, consignee, and additional information. If the products are delivered to a recipient other than the one you intended because (1) you failed to confirm the necessary items of the products carefully, and/or (2) you filled in the wrong information such as the contact number and address of the recipient, and you shall be responsible for the resulting losses, damages, and liabilities. Furthermore, if the consignee is not you, the consignee's actions are considered your actions, and you shall be jointly and severally liable for the consignee’s actions.

4. The COATINGCAT platform can cancel product orders in the following cases:

·Agreed upon negotiation with the purchaser and the resident supplier;
·Where the product information displayed on the COATINGCAT platform is wrong or out of stock;
·Where the product order information is obviously wrong or the quantity of your application exceeds the inventory of the COATINGCAT platform;
·The situation that your product procurement behavior does not meet the procurement qualification requirements or violates the principle of fairness or the direction of honesty and credit, as judged by the COATINGCAT platform;
·Cancellation of product purchase orders due to force majeure, the influence of national policies, failure of the COATINGCAT platform system or attack by a third party, and other circumstances beyond the control of the COATINGCAT platform, as judged by the COATINGCAT platform;
·Other circumstances under which a product purchase order may be canceled according to the various rules that have been issued by the COATINGCAT platform or may be issued or updated in the future.

X. Liability for breach of contract

1. Suppose, according to the designation of the relevant laws and regulations or the judgment of the business rules of the COATINGCAT platform, your actions are suspected of violating the provisions of laws and regulations or violating these Terms of Use or other relevant regulations and terms of the agreement that the platform has issued. In that case, we may take corrective actions and measures immediately at any time, including but not limited to blocking your access to the services provided by the COATINGCAT platform, closing/canceling orders, imposing fines, withholding payments, blocking, deleting infringing information and information listed in item 2 of this Article, and if necessary, delete any information, data, and content placed by you on the platform without further notice, reducing credit value or directly stopping the provision of services until account cancellation, for which the COATINGCAT platform shall not be liable. If your actions cause damage to the COATINGCAT platform, we have the right to ask you to compensate for it at our sole discretion.

2. For the following types of information posted by users on the platform, the COATINGCAT platform has the right to delete or take other restrictive measures without notice to you, including but not limited to:

·Information to avoid fees;
·Information to speculate on credibility;
·Information that the platform has reason to believe has malicious or false content such as fraud;
·Information that the platform has reason to believe is not relevant to or intended for an online transaction;
·Information that the platform has reason to believe that there is malicious bidding or other factors that seek to disrupt regular trading;
·Information the platform has reason to believe is against the public interest or may seriously damage the legitimate interests of the platform and other members.

3. You understand and agree that the contractual parties of the chemical transaction are the purchaser and the resident supplier, respectively. The warranty for defects in the performance of the contract and the responsibility for payment shall be borne by you according to the agreed contents. The COATINGCAT platform is an independent commercial entity with each user and does not assume any guarantee or joint and several liabilities to the user as a trading information platform. In case of disputes arising from chemical transactions or related services, the two parties shall negotiate on their own by the principle of privity of contracts or seek mediation to resolve disputes.

4. You should examine the authenticity and performance ability of the counterparty by yourself before entering into and performing chemical transactions and should ask the counterparty to specify specific information related to the goods/products. In particular, as a trading information platform, the COATINGCAT platform cannot control the authenticity or accuracy of the trading requirements, payment ability, shape of goods, quality of goods, and user information involved in each order. Users who suffer personal damage or property damage or cause third-party personal or property damage as a result of entering into and performing chemical transactions shall pursue legal responsibility with the responsible parties in accordance with the law, and the COATINGCAT platform shall not bear any responsibility.

5. If a user's account is canceled, the COATINGCAT platform is under no obligation to retain or disclose any information in their account for them or forward any information that the user has not read or sent to the user or a third party.

6. You understand and agree that after the termination of the agreement relationship with the COATINGCAT platform, the COATINGCAT platform still has the following rights.

(1) The right to continue to save your registration information that you have not deleted in time and all information published during the COATINGCAT platform services until the expiration of the record-keeping period stipulated by law.
(2) If you commit an illegal act or violate these Terms of Use and/or other rules and agreements during the COATINGCAT platform services, the COATINGCAT platform shall still claim rights against you in accordance with these Terms of Use.
(3) The right to require you to assume a duty of confidentiality without payment of any fee.

XI. Disclaimer

1. Your use of the products, technical assistance, and information on the platform, whether verbal, written, or product evaluation, including any recommended formulations and recommendations, is not under our control. Therefore, you must test the products on the platform to determine whether they meet your process and the purpose for which they are to be used. Your analysis must include, at a minimum, tests to assess their suitability from a technical, health, safety, environmental and regulatory standpoint. Unless otherwise expressly stated, such testing may not have been performed by the CoatingCat platform and/or resident suppliers. The COATINGCAT platform and/or resident suppliers have not obtained any approval or license for the product’s particular use or application.

2. The COATINGCAT platform does not guarantee or warrant any information and technical assistance provided, which is not binding on the COATINGCAT platform. The content of such information and/or technical service is subject to change without notice. You expressly understand and agree that you assume all responsibility for your use of the products, technical assistance, and materials provided by the COATINGCAT platform and/or resident suppliers and that the COATINGCAT platform will not be liable for any damages arising out of your use of the information displayed on the COATINGCAT platform, including liability in tort, contract or otherwise. No information herein shall be recommended to use a product that infringes any patent rights relating to any material or use. The information herein does not contain any implied or de facto grant of any license to any patent rights.

3. You fully understand and agree that the Service involves services such as the Internet and mobile communication, which may be affected by unstable factors in various aspects. Therefore any risk of service interruption, cancellation, or termination due to force majeure, computer virus or hacker attack, system instability, user location, user shutdown, GSM network, interconnection network, communication lines, and other reasons beyond the prediction or control of the COATINGCAT platform, the COATINGCAT platform will not be liable for the losses caused to you.

4. The COATINGCAT platform needs to regularly or irregularly overhaul or maintain the platform or related equipment providing network services. If the network services (including paid network services) are interrupted for a reasonable period of time due to such circumstances, the COATINGCAT platform shall not be liable for it. Still, the COATINGCAT platform shall give prior notice as far as possible.

5. After you have successfully registered as a user of the COATINGCAT platform, you shall carefully and reasonably keep and use your user name and password and shall be fully responsible for all acts, activities, and events, including but not limited to placing orders, signing various agreements online, releasing information, inquiring/quoting, purchasing/returning products, ordering/terminating services and disclosing information by using your user name and password to complete the verification of management rights. Suppose you discover any improper use of your account or other circumstances that may endanger the security of your account. In that case, you shall immediately and effectively notify the COATINGCAT platform and request the COATINGCAT platform to suspend the service to you and report to the public security authorities. The notice herein shall include at least a description of the situation, relevant preliminary evidence, specific measures to be taken by the COATINGCAT platform to deal with the situation, the contact information of the notifier, etc. Any notice lacking the aforementioned information shall be deemed invalid. You know and understand that it will take reasonable time for the COATINGCAT platform to identify and act on your notification request. The COATINGCAT platform shall not be liable for any consequences (including but not limited to any losses incurred by you) that have arisen before the action.

6. The COATINGCAT platform will ensure that user information is not lost, misused, or altered through security measures such as backup to other servers and encryption of user passwords. Notwithstanding the aforementioned security measures, the COATINGCAT platform cannot guarantee “perfect security measures”.

XII. Dispute Resolution

1. These Terms of Use and their formation, entry into force, interpretation, execution, enforcement, and dispute resolution shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China, excluding the application of any conflicting norms.

2. The invalidity of part or all of any provision of these Terms of Use shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

3. Any dispute arising under these Terms of Use shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, the dispute shall be submitted to Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission.

XIII. Changes, Supplements, and Termination of These Terms of Use

The COATINGCAT platform has the right to adjust and supplement the content of these Terms of Use at any time, and the COATINGCAT platform will announce such changes in one or more ways, including but not limited to display on the relevant service page, platform announcement, platform prompt, email, cell phone SMS, etc. The changed terms and conditions shall be effective from the date of publication. Suppose you continue to use the services of the COATINGCAT platform after the changes to the Terms of Use become effective. In that case, you shall be deemed to have fully read, understood, and accepted such changes, and if you disagree, you have the right to terminate the Terms of Use and stop using the services of the COATINGCAT platform. In addition, these Terms of Use will be terminated upon cancellation of your account or by mutual agreement. However, the terms and conditions of confidentiality, intellectual property rights, dispute resolution, and other terms and conditions of the nature of these Terms of Use (such as the guarantee of the authenticity of registration information, etc.) shall not be invalidated by the termination of these Terms of Use.

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